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Our dedicated and experienced physiotherapists work closely with our consultants within our private healthcare clinic in Hillsborough to design tailored treatment programmes for each individual.  Through assessment and diagnosis we aim to identify the source of the pain, treat the problem and underlying issues to alleviate pain and prevent the pain from returning.

Conditions we treat:

We treat:
- Acute and chronic neck and back pain
- Shoulder pain and dysfunction including impingement syndrome
- Sports injuries
- Wrist and elbow pain
- Hip, knee and ankle pain
- Arthritic pain
- Rehab following surgery
- Rehab following fractures
- Repetitive strain injuries
- Fibromyalgia
- Postural and work related problems

Treatment options:
- Mobilisations
- Massage
- Acupuncture
- Kinesio taping
- Electro therapy
- Shockwave therapy
- The Sarah Key Technique
- Manipulation
- Exercise therapy
- Tailored stretching and strengthening programmes

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    Mr Paul Butler Physiotherapist
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    Mrs Lynda Brudenell Physiotherapist

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