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Here at Room One Physiotherapy we are dedicated to helping you achieve your individual goal. Room One is for everyone and whether your goal is to get rid of recurring pains, return to your every-day activities symptom free or get back in to exercise/sport we believe that we can help.

The Process

This will involve a thorough assessment from our highly qualified and experienced physios to identify the source of your symptoms. Once identified, we ensure that you understand the reason for your issue and together create a rehab plan and identify a long term solution so the issue does not return. We work closely with our Consultants in Orthoderm Private Clinic to design tailored treatment programmes for each individual.

What to expect

At Room One you can expect to be listened to and cared for in a top-quality environment. Expect to be involved in the making of the rehab plan to ensure we target whatever is important for you. You will be guided from start to finish and beyond to help you live an improved lifestyle.

What we treat

Examples of issues that we can help you with

•     Neck and back pain

•     Sports injuries

•     Nerve injuries

•     Arthritic pain

•     Chronic pain

•     Fracture rehab

•     Muscle and joint strains

•     Post-operative rehab

•     Repetitive strain injuries

•     Athlete development

•     Hand, wrist and elbow pain

•     Strength and balance issues

Examples of what may be in your rehab plan

•     Tailored exercise programmes

•     Mobilisations

•     Massage

•     Acupuncture

•     Advice/education

•     Shockwave therapy

•     Taping

•     Gait re-education

•     Neuromuscular Rehab

•     Relevant onward referral

•     Postural and work related problems

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