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We understand that your child’s welfare is your highest concern.  At our private healthcare clinic in Hillsborough, our Consultant Paediatricians and specialist practitioners and can help you with all aspects of your child’s health, development or wellbeing.

We offer diagnostic work up for many general paediatric conditions seen in those from birth to 16 years of age, including the following: 

-  Allergy
-  Asthma and wheeze
-  Abdominal pain
-  Colic
-  Cow’s milk protein intolerance
-  Concerns regarding growth and development
-  Constipation
-  Eczema
-  Fits, faints and funny turns
-  Gastro-oesphageal reflux
-  Headaches
-  Lethargy and tiredness
-  Nutrition
-  Recurrent colds and coughs and other respiratory problems
-  Recurrent infections
-  Urinary Tract infections
-  Unusal lumps and bumps
-  6-8 week Postnatal Baby Checks
-  Any general concerns needing a paediatric opinion

If your child is expected to require the input of specialist teams we are more than happy to recommend and facilitate onward referrals in a timely manner to assist with the holistic multidisciplinary approach to the care of your child.

Please contact the clinic regarding a quotation for consultation fees and treatment prices.  We are always happy to advise on costs associated with treatment.  Following your initial consultation, if further treatment, surgery or histopathology are required an estimate of costs is available on request from your treating consultant or reception staff.

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Dr Henderson is a Consultant Paediatrician at Craigavon Area Hospital. He specialises in asthma/allergy, general and ambulatory paediatrics.
He has a special interest in both undergraduate and postgraduate paediatric medical education, where he has contributed to various platforms of educational resources, one that includes the online e-learning programme “Spotting the Sick Child” for healthcare professionals working with children.
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    Dr Jonathan Henderson Consultant Paediatrician

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