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What Is The Cross Border Healthcare Directive?

The Cross Border Healthcare Directive (CBD) was a piece of EU legislation that entitled patients in Ireland to avail of faster treatment or surgery across the border in Northern Ireland or in any other EU state. This is now operating under new legislation as the Northern Ireland Planned Healthcare Scheme. As a result, access to Cross Border Healthcare in Northern Ireland for patients from the Republic of Ireland will continue as normal under the NEW NI Planned Healthcare Scheme throughout 2021.

Patients looking to avail of faster treatment or surgery across the border in NI will be able to follow the same pathway as under the previous healthcare plan and will be granted reimbursement of their treatment costs through the HSE.

Phone 028 9268 0940 today to speak to our team in Orthoderm, who can help you with any questions you may have and talk you through what we can offer here in our clinic.


Steps to Access Treatment Under Cross Border Healthcare:

Step 1: Phone 028 9268 0940 today to speak to our team in Orthoderm or email You may already have your referral letter from your GP or Consultant for the procedure you require. If not, the team can talk you through what you require on your referral letter. Our team will give you all the details about pricing and any access that may not be reimbursed. We will ensure everything is clear before you decide to avail of our services.

Step 2: You will be assigned a consultant for your specific procedure and provided with a date, time and location of your appointment. This will also be confirmed in a letter by email/post. You should also keep copy of any recent (6 months) x-rays/scans.

Step 3: You will attend your consultation appointment in Orthoderm where all paperwork will be arranged for submission to the HSE.

Step 4: A surgery date will be agreed along with payment options.

Step 5: You will attend for your procedure and will be discharged with a pro forma invoice to be posted to the HSE for reimbursement (generally within 10 - 12 weeks), post-op discharge plan, and any relevant information required should patient experience post-op complications. It is advisable to purchase something small in a local shop and keep the receipt, this can be useful as proof of your attendance in NI.


What Healthcare Treatments Are Covered in Orthoderm?

Treatments covered include current services provided by the HSE that you would access in a hospital or county clinic environment. The day case procedures that we perform in Orthoderm under this scheme are as follows:

Hand and wrist surgery

  • Carpal Tunnel Surgery
  • Trigger finger release
  • Dupytren's contractures
  • Mucus cyst/ganglions


  • Circumcision
  • Fenuloplasty

Please note there may be an excess on the full cost of your treatment. We will cover the cost of a follow up Physiotherapy appointment for you in the Republic of Ireland.  You cannot claim reimbursement for the cost of any medicine you'll need afterwards nor can you claim for any travel costs.


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