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Do you suffer from foot or ankle pain? Do you have foot supports which don't work or are too uncomfortable to wear?

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At our private healthcare clinic in Hillsborough, our expert Podiatrist has been treating painful foot and ankle conditions for over 25 years and specialises in podiatric biomechanics and orthotic manufacture.  Orthotic supports, braces and splints are custom designed and custom made.  Among these is the revolutionary Ease Forward Ankle Rocker System, which literally replaces the movement of a damaged ankle joint.
By returning your foot to its proper position or by improving the movement of the joints of your foot or ankle, stress is reduced and mobility improved.  
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Our Podiatrist, David Hallowell, is a former clinical tutor specialising in podiatric biomechanics and orthotic manufacture. He was the biomechanical consultant in Musgrave Park Hospital (Military wing) for over 20 years.  In the 1990s he pioneered the use of some of the first 3 dimensional foot scanners which he brought from the USA in cooperation with the Bergmann Orthotic Lab.  He is the founder and managing director of Footcare NI Ltd one of Ireland's longest established custom orthotic manufacture laboratories.  In 2010 he designed and manufactured the Ease Forward Ankle Rocker which is now worn by patients throughout the world.  


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    Mr David Hallowell Podiatrist

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