Fall Safe Classes for Riders

Riders of all abilities fall from their horse.  This can lead to injuries that include broken bones, spinal injuries and severe life changing disabilities. 
We at Orthoderm have years of experience treating these injuries and rehabilitating riders. 

At best, riders can miss significant time competing during the season recovering from falls. Young riders can loose confidence and become even more likely to fall from their horse or pony.

Improving Rider Safety - More Fun and Confidence

Professional stuntmen are able to fall from great heights, down stairs or from moving cars. They learn their skills from martial arts training. By applying these techniques they are able to fall frequently with minimal impact.
We have teamed up with a martial arts instructor to develop a course for riders of all ages and abilities to help them learn these techniques. Our aim is to make riding and competing safer. 
The standard course is 4 sessions. Extra sessions or refresher sessions are also available. The course can also be tailored to individual or group requirements to fit in with training or camps.

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